Is Your Child Safe at Home?

by Administrator 10. April 2012 13:23

In a world made for and by adults, child safety is often overlooked in the design of our homes. Despite the fact that nearly 100,000 children are injured on stairs each year, many household staircases cannot accommodate child safety gates. Two-thirds of households cannot accommodate a wall-mounted stair gate at the top of the stairs, and about one-third of household staircases cannot accommodate a pressurized gate at the bottom. Moreover, parents cannot rely on pressurized gates at the top of the stairs since they tend to loosen over time.

Children 12 months of age and younger are at the highest risk for stair-related injuries, accounting for 32%. Among them, 25% are injured while in the arms of an adult. In many homes uneven or otherwise defective stairs can make these types of falls far more likely.

What can we do to prevent these types of injuries? In new home construction builders should ensure that staircases can accommodate wall-mounted gates. Parents can also make sure that staircases are clear of toys and other objects, and that children are always actively supervised on the stairs.

To prevent other types of falls in the home, parents of young children should:

  • Move furniture away from windows
  • Secure heavy furniture with wall-angle braces or anchors
  • Install window stops
  • Always strap baby into strollers, high chairs, swings and carriers
  • Avoid placing toys on top of furniture

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